UX/UI Designer
Sound Designer
Graphic Designer


Who am I?


A designer who combines functionality with style.

I believe in business and help to invest
in design with many benefits.
Every product, design and solution
requires a professional approach.
I work to make my clients grow
faster than my competitors.


This is the core of every product. I approach each project individually. I get to know the product and then I create the right advertisement for the customer group.


There are two main principles guiding the creation of identity: identity must correspond to the brand and be unique. I create all the projects by carefully studying the market, so you can be sure that you will get the best product.


Every company is now online. I create user-friendly solutions (UX) and dress them in matching graphics (UI) I approach each task very individually. (UI).


First contact with the product is the most important. When creating an advertisement, I know what kind of photos are most needed. Then I grab my camera and take pictures.